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Welcome to your future as a digital talent!

We are innovation coaches who will take your technology and management skills continuously to the next level by leveraging latest research results in our professional school and entrepreneurial programmes.
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Innovative Technologies

Innovative business informatics is our top priority. It enables us to train you as part of a new generation of engineers, consultants and managers!
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Cutting Edge Knowledge!

We provide the latest knowledge from science and industry. Through joint research projects, our trainings are at the cutting edge of science with a high practical relevance!
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Participation from everywhere!

We want everyone to have access to tech knowledge! Therefore we offer online remote courses, that allow you to participate from all over the world.
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We are inclusive!

No degrees or experience required!
We offer various courses. No matter what you have done before, beginner or expert, we have the right coaching for you.
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Your way to a new IT career!
The digital industry thrives on progress! Therefore we developed our Professional School to reflect the latest state of knowledge. Degrees or experience are not required!
We will coach you from zero to expert!
Combining industrial experience and research empowers us to train you to be the next generation of digital talents! Private person or company, we offer remote bootcamps and masterclasses for everyone. Besides our masterclass curriculum for continuous upskilling, we offer IT- and Startups-Bootcamps. After the bootcamp you are ready for the job as a (junior) professional or as a startup (co-)founder to start your new IT career.


Within 12 weeks you will learn everything to become ready for the job-market as a (junior) professional or founder. Our coaches are experienced IT engineers, management consultants and founders and highly motivated to pass on their knowledge.
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Within our interdisciplinary IT-Bootcamp you will work in small teams on real projects to become ready for the job. Alongside the project work you are taught expert knowledge in our masterclasses to continuously upskill in IT, product and management.
The Startup-Bootcamp structures our Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. You will learn and apply everything to found a startup from idea to MVP implementation.
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Always at the cutting edge of science!
Our mission is to share new knowledge! The dfwi Research & Consulting department links IT related research projects with customized contract research and supports with the implementation in the organisation.


IT should stand for innovative technologies!
We support and promote this by transforming knowledge from research and consulting into innovative startups in our Entrepreneur programme.
Do you have an innovative IT related idea?
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As mentors and coaches for IT startup founders we support you from the idea onwards. Therefore we offer a structured startup bootcamp for first-time entrepreneurs and allround support from finding the right venture capitalists to marketing or technological setup.


Do you need more information?
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