December 01
Company Values, Collaboration & Workplace

Company Values, Collaboration & Workplace

Mission & Value Statement

We are entrepreneurial knowledge professionals for innovative technologies.
Our corporate values are empowerment, innovation and scaling. We are knowledge professionals who learn, improve or create something new every day and consultants/coaches who develop, empower and support clients, employees and colleagues.
We work in an asynchronous, remote and international environment. We embrace diversity! 🏳️‍🌈

Leadership Manifesto

People first; success follows people. Trust and empower your employees. Hire inquisitive people and develop them to their full potential. Don’t be a manager or a traditional leader, be a mentor and a coach. Upskill continuously. Be approachable, responsible, personally invested. Take care of your employees’ health. Manage the working environment and create an open, fun, transparent, fair, democratic, equal, inclusive and diverse one. Make yourself superfluous and consider each employee as your worthy successor at any time.

Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

PRGH is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes and encourages applications from women. Women are underrepresented among executives at PRGH. They will therefore be given preferential consideration in the case of equivalent qualifications. Read more on our CEO pledge for diversity & inclusion. Needless to say, that we support equal rights and are against any kind of discrimination.

Lateral Entrants & Initiative Applications

We encourage lateral entrants to apply for our vacancies. Please make a convincing argument about how you could help the company in the future. The same applies if you would like to join the company but don’t see a matching vacancy. We are looking forward to your application.

Remote Workplace

As a full-remote company we don’t have an office and work primarily asynchronously. Our main tools are Google Hangouts for video calls, Slack for direct messaging, and Notion as our all-in-one solution for project and knowledge management. With Hangouts and Slack we are always in touch with the whole team - across time zones and continents.
To ensure collaboration and communication we have our daily standup with the whole team at 10am CET/CEST, our monthly virtual retreat (last Thursday of a month) and weekly coffee talks with our colleagues. With a little bit more planned collaboration and communication we overcome the potential isolation caused by remote work.

30 Hours Full-Time — 6 Hours a Day

As knowledge professionals it is highly unlikely that you are able to deliver results constantly 8 hours a day (based on a 40 hour full-time week). Research studies estimate only between 2 - 4 hours a day of productive knowledge work. Therefore we have a 30 hour full-time week. As of now (2022) our salary levels are adjusted pro rata. By 2030 we want to close this pay gap and be an example for other companies to follow.


Flexible working hours, full remote workplace, 30h full-time - these are our answers to provide a reasonable work-life-balance in the 21st century.