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👋 Welcome!

PRGH is a modern, full-remote, IT management company active in the business areas of consulting, coaching and startups. We consult and coach companies of all sizes on the topics of innovation transformation (digitalisation, agility), digital product delivery, enterprise architecture and business intelligence and found startups with the experience gained from consulting, coaching and research.
Our company values are empowerment, innovation and scaling. We are knowledge workers who learn, improve or create something new every day and coaches who develop, empower and support customers, employees and colleagues. In addition, PRGH is a founding member of the Friends of the BFI Foundation, which promotes equal-opportunity education, free and value-driven research, and advancement and prosperity through innovation.
The transformation from a freelance company founded in 2018 (Andreas Paech) to a corporation (PRGH GmbH, Paech-Rojas Gallardo Holding) took place in January 2022. We are 12 employees in Hamburg and Stuttgart and work internationally with projects in Croatia, Italy, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Colombia. We aim to grow to 15 employees by the end of the year (last updated: Summer 2022).

📦 Products & Services

We continuously innovate and develop new products and services. Our core-competencies are consulting, coaching and startups. Once we have a small group of 2-3 products/services established at the market, we make spin-offs with their own branding and turn them into high-speed scaling startups while PRGH, as holding, develops the next products & services.


Enterprise Architecture Management
Business Intelligence Competence Center
Digital Product Delivery
Innovation Transformation (Digitalisation & Agility)


IT Bootcamp
Startup Bootcamp
B2B IT Academies

🤵 Management

Andreas Paech

Professional Experience
Since 01/2022: Managing Director PRGH
2018 - 2022: Enterprise Architecture & Digital Product Delivery
2017 - today: Head Coach and University Lecturer for IT-Management and Software Engineering
2011 - 2019: Software Architecture & Technical Product Ownership
PhD (ongoing) in Agile IT Personnel Development at University Hamburg
B.Sc. + M.Sc. Information System Management & Engineering at University Hagen
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👪 People & Culture

Company Values, Collaboration & Workplace

Hiring Policies and Learning & Development

Hiring Policies

Person-Environment Fit
Willingness to learn
Ability to learn

Learning & Development

Structured onboarding feedback after 1, 3 and 6 months
Semi-annual Learning & Development agreements for continuous upskilling